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Welcome to ktyp's RSS Labs. Here you will find links to our various projects involving RSS and related technologies.

ktyp's RSS Projects
RSS TV ListingsUpdated October 2005
A large collection of both local and cable television listings from around the country. Each time zone has its own feed as well.

The Smart ProjectUpdated February 2006
The Smart Project aims to produce a better and more efficient RSS aggregator using new techniques not seen before. Including Bayesian filtering as well as cross referencing other feeds, The Smart Project hopes to revolutionize how rss aggregators work.

What the heck is RSS?
RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS allows website owners to publish content in an easy to distribute format that can be downloaded and aggregated by what are typically called RSS Readers. RSS is most commonly used to syndicate news updates, however the extensibility of RSS allows it to be used in a wide variety of situations.

So that probably didn't help. Even better, here are some good links to get you up to speed:
  — From the BBC, an introduction to RSS.
  — Software Garden's, What is RSS?
  — Fagan Finder also has a comprehensive page all about RSS.

For a more technical perspective, check out:
  — The Official RSS 2.0 Specification.
  — An overview and history on Wikipedia.
  — XML.com's coverage of RSS.

How can I start using RSS?
Just point your browser to BlogLines, Interactive Google, PageFlakes or one of the many web based RSS readers. Or you can download a reader like FeedDemon (Windows), FeedReader (Windows), NetNewsWire (Mac), BottomFeeder (Multiplatform).

What can I put in my reader?
Check Basement.org's list of useful RSS feeds. Don't find anything you like there, than check out the RSS directory at Syndic8. Finally check del.icio.us's popular RSS links for a more up to date listing of popular RSS links.

Etc, Etc.
The RSS Labs are another ktyp project. Email kb at this domain.